Residential Services


Wheelie Really Clean Bins provides a convenient mobile bin cleaning service for households, taking away the chore and unhealthy task of cleaning it yourself. We come to your home, get your bin sparkling clean and return the bin from the side of the road safely back to your property.

Our service area encompasses all of Geraldton, from Dongara down south, up to North Hampton and out east to Mullewa. Wherever you are, feel free to contact us find out if we can come out your way.

No matter how dirty your wheelie bin is, we can get it looking and smelling great again for only the price of 3 cups of coffee a month.

Be Safe

Most people don’t give much thought to the harm that is lurking in their dirty household wheelie bin.

The risk of contamination is always there for the householder when putting rubbish in the bin. This can easily come from our contact with garbage residue or even from simply opening the lid, causing an updraft of air that sends contaminated particles towards you, and inhalation of dust, mould and mildew spores. It’s worth considering that the emptied contents of a vacuum cleaner typically contain a large quantity of dangerous particles in the contents, including dust, mould spores, bacteria, and even virus spores that can survive in a bin for a long time under the right conditions.

why clean bins - fungus and bacteria images

Our service effectively eliminates 99% of all dangerous bacteria and fungus that can cause serious illness. Regular cleaning maintenance prevents the build-up of material that causes the right conditions for germs to quickly take hold again.