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We offer a convenient repair and parts service for damaged wheelie bins. Whatever the cause for your bins needing repair, we can replace the part or fix it for you.

Now that our rubbish collection system is automated with robotic trucks, they don’t always return our bins back to the kerb the same way they left it. The bins can often fall down heavily or be blown over by winds when exposed on the road. They certainly are made of strong stuff, but sunlight will deteriorate the plastic over time, causing it to become brittle and easily break.

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If your bin is in need of attention and repair, give us a call or send us an email with your repair query and get our expert advice with an obligation-free quote.

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Be Safe

The wheels should be properly fixed and roll correctly, otherwise they can be dangerously unstable with a full load. It’s important that your wheelie bin is in good working order and functions as it was designed to. A repair is an economical way of getting your wheelie bin back to a good state of health.

When a bin has been damaged, it is no longer doing what it was designed to do. A wheelie bin should have a functional lid that sits properly and seals the tub so that animals and insects are not attracted to it. 

The wheelie bin has been designed with this in mind to keep a safe seal between the outside world and the waste on the inside. A broken lid or cracked body not only lets the nasty stuff get out, it also lets the nasty stuff move in, and this is dangerous to the health of everyone around.

Birds and rodents are always found around broken wheelie bins – it’s an invitation to them that your rubbish restaurant is open.

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