Why clean bins?

There are many good reasons why a bin should be cleaned and kept clean.

These are just some of the good reasons to do it.

It is has been well researched and widely reported about the dangers of bacteria and fungus building up in rubbish bins.

  • Puerile odours can cause offense to not only you but also your neighbours and visitors.
  • Smells attract flies and other insects, causing pest infestation to the area.
  • Rotting food and residue attracts dogs, cats, birds and rodents searching for food which creates a mess and encourages them to stay.
  • Harbours dangerous bacteria and viruses that cause disease to be spread from the bin.
  • Makes your visits to the bin an unhealthy & unpleasant task.
  • Discarded chemicals cause dangerous contamination of the bin from the toxic residues.
  • Chemical contamination accelerates ageing of the bin’s plastic, causing it to become brittle and break.
why clean bins - fungus and bacteria images

If you are not sure if your bin’s smells are from pathogens, contact us to learn more.