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Household Prices

Most households will usually only have one wheelie bin that was supplied to them by local government. For most households around the Geraldton area, the standard “regular” size wheelie bin is 240L. With our prices being based on the number of visits you choose to book with us – either as a one-off job, or the more economical and safe option of a regular scheduled maintenance plan, we have a price to suit every household’s needs.

We do recommend, particularly in the warmer months that you have a scheduled plan in place to avoid attracting pests and putting up with revolting smells around the home.

Concession Rates

For Seniors Concession card holders and Aged or Disability Pension concession card holders, we offer 10% discount off the standard price of our service. If you have a Centrelink Health Concession card, you are welcome to ask for our discount.

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Commercial Rates

These rates cover:

  • Cleaning of bins that have heavy-duty use, such as restaurants and tourist locations.
  • Small to large volume numbers of 240L regular wheelie bins for business that have a lot of waste disposal.
  • Commercial size 1100L wheelie bins that are more difficult to clean and get a lot of use.


We provide different rates depending on the frequency of your booked schedule. Our Commercial rates are set to allow for most business needs. Every business is unique though, so your requirements may need a custom price to be quoted. If so, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Contact us to help you find the right plan for your business.

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