How it works

With the right equipment and right technique, your dirty wheelie bins can be made to look spick and span again. Our professional cleaning agents and equipment really get all that built-up grime off your bin to make it safe and smelling great. Learn how it works to have a Wheelie Really Clean Bins system of sanitation and deodorising applied to your wheelie bin.

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It's ready for Wheelie Really Clean Bins

process 2

Smelly, dirty and built-up grime needs to be removed

process 3

High pressure pre-wash is applied

process 4

All the exterior is pre-washed -
hinges, rim, handle and wheels

process 7

Inside is high pressure washed by hand to loosen grime

process 8

Powerful jets and cleaning agents remove debris and grime inside

process 9

Bin is cleaned and inside and out

process 5

Excess water is removed after wash

process 10 1

We apply a sanitation and deodorizing treatment...

process 11

Odour and bacteria are neutralized

process 12

Your bin is returned to its place on your property

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Bin air dries, ready to use.


The Process

how it works page - graphic of wheelie bin

Our WHEELIE REALLY CLEAN BINS CLEANING EQUIPMENT is designed to do the job that you don’t want to do, and it does it very well!

As you are most likely to know, an unclean bin can be the most unhygienic thing in the home or workplace. Besides the smell and unsightliness of a dirty bin, especially in our warm climate, it is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. There is also the potential to contaminate our precious waterways by letting cleaning chemicals and waste run into our drains, as well as the WASTE of our most precious resource, WATER. Having your bins cleaned on a regular basis can eliminate all of these problems.

We are all responsible for the cleanliness of our bins, however in our busy jobs and lifestyles we often do not have the time, the facilities or the stomach, to carry out this dirty chore. We clean, sanitise and deodorise your wheelie bins ensuring safety and comfort for you and your family.

Wheelie Really Clean Bins’ state-of-the-art wheelie bin cleaning unit has been designed and built to ensure your wheelie bins are thoroughly cleaned, sanitised and deodorised. All cleaning fluid and residue is contained, filtered and recycled ensuring that nothing is left behind except your Sparkling Clean Bins. With our advanced recycling and filtration system, we save valuable water, and in turn save you money!

We only use environmentally friendly products, and our recycled water is so clean that we use it to backwash our filters, saving even more water. The recycled water is returned to the sewerage system under licence of the Water Corporation. We ensure no waste water enters the storm or ground water systems.

Try it out and see how it works.