Summer is the season of the fly

Every Aussie summer, a stinky bin is guaranteed to attract these pests. Flies have a good nose for a bad smell, and they always find their bin.

As soon as they have found their idea of heaven, they set about getting those eggs laid pronto. Even the eggs are fast, hatching within 24 hours.

Then the maggots are on the loose and crawling around, making a good old feast of your leftovers and food residue. Once they get started, the whole cycle from eggs to flies is complete in only a few days.

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Many Flies in 5 Days

That’s right! Just as it starts to warm up a bit, suddenly there are flies everywhere. The worst thing is that this is the time of the year that we like to get outdoors and get the BBQ going – it’s an Australian Tragedy.

Then starts the great Aussie Salute as we wave frantically to keep the flies out of our mouth, eyes, ears nose and food. Not only can it make our arms tired, but it causes a wasteful spilling of drinks. This cycle of outdoor torture would not be complete without the eating of a few of these flying appetizers before the main meal. It’s Gross.

It doesn’t have to be this way. If we all do our bit and make sure the lid on the bin is closed properly, and we regularly get the bin cleaned, we can help reduce the fly population – at least in our local area.

An aussie summer with the Aussie salute